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Madhawadias | Python Developer @iLabs

Text written in a natural language is difficult for a computer to interpret. Natural Language Processing(NLP) is a subdomain of Machine learning which allows a computer system to understand text written in human language. User reviews are a popular source of information to gather user opinions and reflections on a product or service.

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Kishanthan Moorthy | Developer @ iLabs

Somehow we all know about the client-server model. Most of the applications working on this model because this provides access to shared resources. The server has more main resources than the client requesting to access the resources so multiple clients can access multiple data resources. So, one main server provides centralized services so this kind of model application we called centralized applications.

But here all clients are depending on the main servers if the main server crash all client networks will be destroyed. There is an idiom I was heard “Don’t put all eggs into one basket”. This is the main problem and vulnerability for this model. so somehow we have to find the solution for this defect. For that thing decentralization thought came here. Why? …

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Kishanthan Moorthy, Developer @iLabs

Blockchain, this word we continuously think of when we talk about how technology has changed. this is the better way to transforming the use-cases for various areas. blockchain is undoubtedly a notable revolution in systems of record. it described as ‘magic boxes’ due to the numerous high-level use cases promised by block-chain.

What is that

The basic level of block-chain technology composed of cryptographic algorithms. the first blockchain technology was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto from his conference papers. this was helpful for maintaining traditional databases to become a trusted record by using cryptography algorithms. …

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Avishka Balasuriya, Python Developer @iLabs

What is multiprocessing,

Basically, multiprocessing means run two or more tasks parallely. So in python, We can use python’s inbuilt multiprocessing module to achive that. Imagine you have ten functions that takes ten seconds to run and your at a situation that you want to run that long running function ten times. Without a doubt, It will take hundred seconds to finish if you run it sequentially. That is where multiprocessing comes into action. By using multiprocessing, you can seperate those ten processes into ten sub-processes and complete all in ten seconds.

Different between multiprocessing and multithreading,

So didn’t you wonder why we use multiprocessing instead of multithreading? It is good to use multithreading in the above example, but if your function required more processing power and more memory, It is ideal to use multiprocessing because when you use multiprocessing, each sub-process will have a dedicated CPU and Memory slot. So it is ideal to use multiprocessing instead of multithreading if your long-running function required more processing power and memory.

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1. Set your working hours

Choose the most productive time that you are able to work & inform your working hours with your supervisors, colleagues, clients & customers to maintain communication

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Avishka Balasuriya | BSc (Hons) Computer Science | Python Developer @ iLabs

Some of you may know how to do this but I guess most of you don’t. So I decided to give you a brief step by step introduction. It only required a few steps to get this working. So first let’s look into step.

1. Create a simple angular application

2. Create a python server which contains an API endpoint to accept requests to your angular application

3. Build your angular application in production mode

4. Copy the dist folder contents into the python server files

5. Redirect user requests to index.html file



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